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Concrete Demolition Work – Types Of Demolition Available Services

Posted by Admin on November, 18, 2019

Concrete is a vital part of any construction project. Unfortunately, concrete can also get in the way of adding pipes for plumbing and installing or removing utility lines that might make it unsafe for workers to continue their job. In cases such as these, concrete demolition becomes necessary. It involves breaking up large pieces of a concrete structure. Services are carried out to demolish the concrete and rock structures. Concrete demolition work in Delhi/NCR provides services like building demolition services includes the tasks for bringing down, old buildings, factories, and commercial premises.

Different types of concrete demolish

Interior Demolition
Interior demolition is the taking apart of interior portions of a structure while preserving the exterior, usually in preparation for a renovation project. This usually includes the removal of walls, ceilings, pipes, etc.

Selective Demolition
A selective demolition project includes the exclusion of specific interior or exterior portions of a building while shielding the remaining structure and nearby structures and areas.


This method comprises of the careful dismantlement or deconstruction of a structure to preserve components for reuse, recycling, or refurbishment. Dismantling generally more labor exhaustive than demolition.

Total Demolition
It is self-explanatory. It is the demolition of a complete structure, and it can be accomplished by several methods, as listed below.

Mechanical demolition
This type of demolition uses a particular mechanical equipment and tool. These contain hydraulic excavators equipped with specialized attachments that can breakdown concrete and steel, effectively “chewing” the structure apart. Smaller gear like skid steers loaders and demolition robots are used for minor tasks and interior and selective demolition.

This type of demolition work uses the explosives to bring down high structures by deflation structural supports so that it collapses within its footprint or along a programmed path. It is used in less than 1% of demolition projects.

Crane and Wrecking Ball
One of the most basic methods of demolition, the wrecking ball is largely outmoded, replaced by bulldozers and other mechanical means that offer improved precision, efficiency, and safety.

Different types of tools/machines used in demolish work

Sledgehammers and jackhammers: These tools are more easily acquired by residential users and it is less expensive for contractors to equip their workers with these hammers for breaking up the concrete.

Polyurethane: This material can serve as a shield against dust, debris, and other results of grinding or drilling the concrete to break it down.

Dust Boss Machines: Used for dust overthrow during the demolition process, Dust Boss machines reduce dust pollution in the instantly in the environment by spraying a fine mist of water onto the demolition.

Bobcat Skidsteers: These are used alongside operatives during the initial soft stripping of buildings before structural demolition.
• Low Loaders: Transporting large excavators and crushers from site to site.

Concrete Crushers: This plant is used for making recycled aggregate from demolition brick and concrete arising. Recyclability on the majority of Hughes and Salvidge projects is above 95%.

HIAB Trucks: These are used to transport and remove small plant and machinery or other tools and equipment to and from the site.

Roll-On / Roll Off Wagons: Transporting and gathering numerous types of waste arising from the works.

Wheeled Tippers: These are used to eradicate either uncrushed or crushed masonry/brickwork and concrete.

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